Ketone Calculate (iPhone) Introduction

[Function application] 
Gult-1 abnormality for the people, seeking applications ketone ratio

Ketone ratio, the “protein” “carbohydrate,” “Fat” is calculated using three factors.

        0.9F + 0.46P
Ketone-index ——————————
C + 0.1F + 0.58P
The above equation,
Protein 13.0g
Carbohydrates (sugar + fiber) · · · 0g
25.7g fat

then you got Ketone index!!

Ketone ratio = 2.87

This application, enter the three elements are simple, small app which calculates the ratio of ketone.
Now add the ability of taking pictures, makes upgrades As you can see how much you have products which ketone ratio.
The problem is my coding skills. . . Please wait.

Opportunity to make application
The following is a blog of my friend’s children, Glut-1 disorder because it was, let me help our poor ability.

People related disorders Glut-1 by all means, please visit.


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